Radhe Shyam Foundation

Pioneering No Hungry Child Free Food Program is focused towards distributing hot, nutritious and fresh food to poor, needy & hungry children across pockets of poverty in India. We have a daily nutritious meal coverage of more than 2,000 hungry & underprivileged children and our daily food distribution regimen is smooth, efficient and dependable - 365 days a year. We are passionate in our dedication to the cause of feeding under-privileged children across India.

We work towards creating quality and equitable opportunities for children and communities to learn and grow with a view to long term sustainable change.

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811 million people are chronically undernourished

99% of people living in hunger are in low and middle income countries

Women and girls account for 60% of people living in hunger worldwide

How We Work

Nourishing lives,

Nourishing lives

Empowering Communities,

Empowering Communities

Growing the Movement,

Growing the Movement

Street Cow Feeding,


Street Animal Rescue,

Street Animal Rescue

Street Cow Feeding,

Street Cow Feeding

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